Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Strawberry Summer Blanket

Well, the swatching is over. I've found a pattern I really love, and I'm sticking to it (even if I have to buy more yarn...) My handy dandy Harmony guide had a Strawberry stitch pattern that just looks so pretty in the SWTC Twize "Twink" color. It's an open, lacy and feminine pattern in a silky, cool and slippery yarn that should be just right for showing off a beautiful new baby girl. The washing instructions for this yarn are hand-wash, dry flat, which would make any experienced mother cringe. But my nephew and his lovely wife are giddy with the prospects of the new girl in their lives, and are planning only the best for her. So they get a wonderful bamboo heirloom and I get to play with some yummy yarn.

The baby shower is early in May, so I decided I should really give this one a kick into overdrive. The pattern is a pleasure. It moves fast, is easy to remember and changes enough that it never really gets too boring. It is busy enough that the edging will be kept simple. I plan to just go round and round with a single crochet, maybe with a little picot edging on the last round. Then washing, blocking, photos, wrapping... As much as I procratinate, I'll be lucky to finish in time.

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